Kính Máy Xúc là được sản xuất trên dây chuyền của việt nam, được Công ty và cửa hàng kính máy xúc chúng tôi nhập khẩu lại và bán ra thị trường việt nam mới giá rẻ nhất. kính máy xúc volovo là loại kính lắp gioăng.
Máy xúc Doosan

New Doosan models include many types: 
Crawler excavators: DX 180, DX 225 and DX 255 ... 
Wheeled excavators: DX 140W, DX 190W and DX 210W 
These models are equipped with control devices that allow optimization of the working process of the engine and hydraulic system. Through the development process, improvements to the machine allow you to maintain the machine easily, extend the life of the machine, along with reducing fuel consumption. So reduce the machine operation fee. In addition, all models are equipped with warning devices to increase safety during use. The cockpit of the machine is redesigned to reduce noise and equip more convenient devices to make the operator feel comfortable. Doosan is the only brand in the world that has researched and developed construction machines for a hot and humid climate like Vietnam.
This is the largest excavator manufacturer in Japan with rich products and grades. In its product line, the short-tail rotating product must include the PC228USLC-3 model. This model is equipped with a motor with a capacity of up to 110kw and the machine weight ranges from 22364 to 23183 kg, depending on the equipment attached. With superior and compact features, Komatsu machine can be applied in many areas such as: Road construction, bridge construction, construction in residential areas.
In fuel saving mode, it is possible to minimize fuel consumption while the machine is still working efficiently. In heavy duty mode, the machine can operate with the largest capacity, causing the digging force and lift force to increase by 7%.